Saturday, July 31, 2010

work done by the SWF in 2009

This holiday we directly went to diffrent school of kurseong,darjeeling ,sonada and kaling pong .at least 20 school were covered by our programs.the sucessful interractive session held

in these schools , totaling 2600 students ,mainly class 11 ands 12 ,were immensely benefitted .

The nature of our interactive session were :

Short intro of SWF and its past activities.

easy and lucid tips to enhance memory
brief discussion of unique strategies like time managements,overcoming exam anxiety,increasing motivation to succeed in exams

scope and challenges of higher education in general.

demystifying popular Myths related to Education and employments scenario in India.

response to specific queries on spot

feed back session.

To create awareness about the SWF and its activities in general public we

also gave three successful interviews wdh various local cabel channels (like KALINGPONG TV,HIMALE CHANNEL,KURSEONG TV) and submitted different Articles to the populer local newspapers like Himalaya Darpan ,Sunachare,deinek Jagaran etc

i think this time our actions have spoken larger than our promises!!!

i appeal to All to be part of this wind of change blowing around hills calLed STUDENT WELFARE FORUM.

Monday, February 23, 2009

new site launched

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

our new officail website launched

plez, do visit our new site and comment on it

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Student Welfare forum,Desirable Assistence from....

Students :
Wider participation
Minimum financial support (negligible)
Teachers :
Moral support
Valuable suggestions
Positive criticism/constructive ideas
Parents :
Moral support
Positive criticism/constructive ideas
Opportunity provider
Others :
Moral support
Minimum financial support
N.B. Plez spread our message ( aim and objectives)to everyone. So,that our efforts bear fruit!
Student friendly approach
“No more chalk and talk” policy
Greater interactive sessions
Exposure to systematic and innovative way of study
Team management
Memory enhancing techniques (Like Mnemonics)
Logical reasoning
Group discussions
Extempore speech
Quiz (all strictly confined to the syllabus)
To overcome psychological phobia (fear of Exams)

About "Student Welfere Forum"



When talent meets Opportunity”


  • Non-profit organization

  • Strictly apolitical

  • Students’ welfare activities (strictly academic)

  • Non religious (secular)

  • For the students by the students


        • To enhance the quality and quantity of Human capital

          • Human Capital - Educational and health attainment of people which will enhance their level of employability

For the benefits of Students:

  • Academic guidance for further studies (including college students)

  • Primarily for the benefit of board examinees (currently for madhyamik student’s only)

  • To give access to quality tuition to financially weak students

For the benefits of Tutors (College Students):

    • To increase communicative skills (as to perform better in the interview)

    • To give opportunity to revise the basic knowledge of base subjects (as to score better in different competitive examinations)

    • To provide partial financial support to the tutor (to bear the cost of participating in the process)

    • To create part time job oppurtunities ( if possible)